How Food Delivery Apps Can Have The Best Cuisine In Town Delivered To Your Door

In case you’ve been asleep for the past five years, while you were out, there was a revolution in the home delivery of restaurant food. Suddenly, you can order food delivered by any one of a half dozen or more companies that will pick up your hot food and bring it right to your door. This has led to a number of applications, or apps, that run on smartphones that can help you chose just the right food for every occasion without having to call the restaurant and ask a dozen or so questions. As I’ll explain, it’s a revolution in finding the food you want and having it brought to your home.

There Are GREAT Restaurants Now Available For Delivery

For years there have been restaurants that had some of the best food known to human-kind, but the only way to buy it was to drive to their location, wait in a long line, sit with a bunch of strangers in a loud room, and pay high drink prices to boot.

Now, with the advent of apps like UberEats, Caviar, DoorDash, Eat24, Waitrapp, and GrubHub, you can use your smartphone to read through the menu, pick the food of your dreams, and have a driver deliver it right to your home. You don’t need to talk to a busy, overworked restaurant employee, or any human at all.

It’s all done using your smartphone, and now you have access to the best cuisine your city has to offer without leaving home. It’s so popular with some restaurants that many of them have had to add extra cooks, longer counter spaces, and more 10 minute parking in front for delivery drivers. And, many of these popular eating establishments never had home delivery in the past since it was so much trouble.

You Can Use Food Delivery Apps To Try New Cuisine

Now, using these new food delivery apps, anyone can have the best meal in town, delivered directly, with no hassles. Another key point as well, is all of the extra information available that is accessible on the fly.

You can look up and read reviews for any eatery that you want, right on your smartphone, while traveling to downtown, or even sitting in the parking lot where you’re thinking of eating. If you have a car full of hungry friends, you can have them all checking out the menu and choosing their soy-free, gluten-free, or low-calorie meals before you walk in, drive through, or head home and wait for the delivery.

The Era Of Ghost Restaurants Is Here

Right now, in some of the largest cities with huge populations, there are no more inexpensive places to build restaurants. Consider LA, Seattle, New York, Boston, Denver, and many other cities, even smaller ones. In order to open a new restaurant it may cost the owner $250,000 to $500,000 or more because of the high cost of leasing space with adequate seating and parking.

On the other hand, a popular restaurant could open just a high-quality kitchen, no seating, no customer parking, and no waiters. They could then supply a delivery business based on the quality of food that they have a reputation for, from a tiny location. This saves them many hundreds of thousands dollars in investments and the hassles of actually running a restaurant with walk-in customers. At the same time, it offers a fine cuisine experience to a whole new area of customers that are just waiting to eat their food.

Large, very popular, restaurants are now opening up these “ghost kitchens” in order to handle the huge increase in business brought on by the food delivery apps and delivery driver companies. They can then direct all of the overflow from their main locations to smaller satellite kitchens spread throughout a metropolitan area. This saves driving miles by having the smaller, spread out, kitchens while also keeping their sit-down restaurant customers well taken care of in their main locale.

80% Of Restaurants Still Not On Board, But Soon

With the huge success of many delivery apps and the increases in business, more restaurants are adding delivery every day. The best advantage of using the apps is that then the restaurant owner doesn’t have to get into hiring drivers, weeding through driving records and insurance riders, that’s all taken care of by the delivery company.

In addition, the restaurant owner needn’t add extra staff to answer the phones either, the orders come directly into the restaurant, the customer has already viewed the menu, knows what’s in every dish, and are just waiting for their delivery. It’s an incredibly streamlined new way for people to get the best cuisine in the city, brought to their door.

Many experts are estimating that in the next two years the food delivery business will reach up to 50% of all restaurants and still be growing. As more people learn how to use the apps to sort through the various restaurants, read the reviews, and make their orders, they’re finding out how convenient it is. They can relax with their Netflix movie and not have to worry about cooking at all.

Using Door Dash App

This delivery app allows the user to browse in real-time the best cuisine in a given town. As soon as the customer orders the restaurant receives the order and begins cooking the food. Many of the busiest restaurants have added “delivery-only” sections of their kitchens to solely concentrate on that part of their clientele.

The driver, called a “Dasher” then picks up the food and delivers it directly to the customers home. Some Dashers will also offer the unpacking of the order in the customers home as well but it is an extra service. Most larger cities in the US are covered by DoorDash and more are being added every week. They have a complete list available on their website.

It’s easy to get the app, it’s available on Google Play and the App Store for free. Once you activate the app it will automatically realize where you’re located and show you a list of restaurants that are available in your local area for delivery.

Once you click on a restaurant, you’ll be taken to their menu and have the option of reading reviews of the restaurant as well. After you choose your menu item and quantity, you’ll need to confirm the order and delivery address. Then you’ll be able to check and pay.

In many cases the customer’s information is verified from the restaurant’s own database so it’s important to have accurate information on file as to the name, address, and phone for verification.

Trip Advisor

This is another great app that is connected up to the review site that offers reviews of hotels, resorts, and restaurants in cities all around the world. It has an advantage over many other food apps since it already has decades of reviews of nearly every restaurant on earth.

This makes it especially useful if you’re traveling out of your local area. You can get the app for free from Google Play and the App store. While you’re on your airplane flight to any destination you can already be reading the various reviews to decide what you’d like to eat. It also will have bars, taverns, entertainment, and other places of interest in their review section which can be found in the “nearby amenities” listings.

In many cases they also have tickets, like to a museum, that can be purchased online to avoid the hassle of waiting in line. It’s a very thorough application that brings all of the various services of Trip Advisor to your smartphone.

If you’re traveling out of town, or just staying home, there is nothing like the convenience of reading through the reviews and choosing a new restaurant to try in your local area. The menus and prices are all available and the food can be at your door in just a short time, it’s the wave of the future.

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